Evangelist Addai Not Entirely Wrong On Illuminati Claims: Nana Appiah Mensah Exposes Himself

Zylofon Media and Menzgold CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah has caused stir on social media on supposed Illuminati-related post.5 min

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Nana Appiah Mensah posted a riddle on his Instagram page which sought answers.

He wrote: Today’s Riddle; I am the sun☀️ that riseth and setteth up above the realms and in the hades and heaven above the horizon; I AM A KING.
The grandmaster above who seeth ALL things; good and evil, earth, fire, wind, blood, and water with the all seeing eye!”👁Horus” WHO I’M I? My name is “I AM”, I am GOD. #SupremeGod #AllseeingEye #SwordofJustice⚔️#WrathofGod #ProphecyManifestation #MomentsofDestiny

Critical Analysis:

Nana Appiah Mensah mentions good and evil, earth, fire, wind, blood, and water with the all-seeing eye, which represents occultist symbols — Accident?

Nana Appiah Mensah mentions King and adds a picture to support it  — Accident?

Excerpts of Baphomet’s phallus is actually Hermes’ Caduceus – “The Science is a real one only for those who admit and understand the philosophy and the religion; and its process will succeed only for the Adept who has attained the sovereignty of will, and so become the King of the elementary world: for the grand agent of the operation of the Sun, is that force described in the Symbol of Hermes, of the table of emerald; it is the universal magical power; the spiritual, fiery, motive power; it is the Od, according to the Hebrews, and the Astral light, according to others”.

Evangelist Addai Emmanuel has been critical of these people and has begun a crusade exposing occultist in society, is this part of the mind games? Is Addai vindicated on this?

Response from Fans

bossman_nana_akwasi: @mn_appiah, @stonebwoyb, I have critically read your post. There needn’t be a rocket science to construe your words to conclude on who you are, and what your association is. In fact your proposition is clear. I ordinarily wouldn’t jump into this kind mischievous, evil argument, however I have considered you have massive followers whom you may influence with your mischief and therefore must be strongly rebutted, in its entirety. In John 14:6 (NKJV) states “Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” It must be noted that this statement is absolute, and entrenched in the Bible which is the foundation of Christianity. It so written unequivocally to not leave spaces for your belief and any other contrary beliefs people have. I don’t know if you have ever been a Christian or read the Holy Bible, but you cannot at one breath believe the Bible when God said he is the ‘I AM THAT I AM’ and on another breath disbelieve the Bible when Jesus said ‘NO BODY GOES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH HIM’. It is for this reason that I am pointing out to you, to, desist from spreading such false practice, to us, the youth, because some of us looked up to you until now. Thank you

saltikush: @mn_appiah Amum Ra. y’all should do your research before pointing fingers. You go to church and say Amen instead of Amen-ra. I wonder why the Europeans worship a black Maradona. Yet we worship a white jesus. It’s easy to join the masses and believe what you were taught in Sunday school. But when you grow stop sucking milk and chew bones. Even your Pastor’s know this truth. Research anything before you start accusing people. Please where is the price? One gold bar won’t be bad kraa ooo.

iam__inkredible: Evangelist Addai will connect this ,do his bizarre ,out of this world and fake numerology then call you 66 degree illuminati .
That sycophant is wilding on Facebook,let’s hope his irritants rats of followers ain’t following you on instagram.
The likelihood you be name is very high with eye of Horus ,they can claim they got evidence to show you’re either Free mason or illuminati.
It’s comes with the territory and how far the brainwashing has gone and the illusion of spirt dashing out success without hard work.

lyddles7: @brave_david I’m a Christian, all I know is that triangle symbol with the eye is associated with illuminati… I’m I wrong? I’m I that ignorant? If I am , kindly tell me something about it… Hm asem oo

m_bedu: Y’all remember there is a big difference between illuminati and freemason. I aint doing the explanation here. And hey why y’all talk about someones belief, you believe in God , Allah your village gods and no one pointing fingures at you . So why go judge someone based on his belief and besides , you have no power to judge . So human beings fail to realise the fact that positive and neggative charges react to produce power . Imagine your phone charger having all plugs positive charged illetrates in won’t charge your phones. This is what we always fail to realise as blacks … whites know the reality of life and they are making it . The same white who brought you Blacks Jesus and Allah . Is not even paying much attention to religion like retarded poor blacks . Change your brains Black Native . Y’all go learn about Nikola Tesla . 369

niimonigh: What does your leaders whom you wake up at dawn to queue and vote do for you in the end? We are where we are because of our pure ignorance. We refuse to think. Why do you think these people print the bible widely and distribute for free..yet they keep these things you claim are ‘evil’ secret from the world and yet they are prosperous. The same bible tells is King Solomon was the wisest man..yet did you know he always consulted astrologists and soothsayers ..same bible says not to consult those people..but recognises King Solomon as the wisest king. So what really must you seek to know..what you have been programmed all your life to know as the truth ..or what has been hidden from you?

j_berry2131: @derby_brown A letter can be designed in any font that makes it look beautiful and suites the word being spelt. How it has to be designed is up to the manufacturer and mind you that the picture shows a customized set of rings and anyone can do that. It’s just graphic design printed out on objects, be it Clothes, Cups, Cars, Shoes etc. You can look up different types of Fonts on the internet and I’m sure you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, you should try typing something in there and design what you typed into any kind of theme font you want. I believe that we can have stuff like these without any “spiritual or superstitious” meaning to it. Trust me that the crown on the letter “I” simply means it’s the crown of a King. The crown is also part of the designed letter depicting the word. There is absolutely nothing to it!! African continent has a long standing history of strong beliefs in superstition and excess spirituality and it’s caused a lot of setbacks.

___thegod: Though traditionally our organization has operated in secrecy, the powerful changes that are ahead for this planet have led us to welcoming all who search for the truth about their roles in the Universal Design. By fostering this special community, our public outreach works to support a global unity of all people who seek to climb the great Pyramid. It is a journey that should not be travelled alone – and through the power of modern technology, even those who walk the path of enlightenment in solitude can always find allies by their side. It’s good to be free

mintahterranceSomebody gives attributes to God and you sit here to vilify him but go after the products of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who have openly declared God does not exist and sometimes you use their quotes as word of wisdom to inspire others.Are you not fake and hypocrite? What is wrong with the black man at all? Steve Jobs and Bill Gates don’t belief and believe in God but you see their wealth as legitimate.You are fake and need help to emancipate your thinking pattern.
So he is an Illuminati so what? If you worship God keep worshiping him in spirit and in truth.You proclaim he is an Illuminati and did it stop you from Worshiping God or deny your Salvation?We have a problem.You claim you worship God but because of your wickedness and hypocrisy you can’t even employ any one in life let alone to open a firm.Selah#

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