Ghana To Operate Flying Solar Pods Transportation Via Transit X

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Ghana To Operate Flying Solar Pods Transportation Via Transit X - podside 768x334 - Ghana To Operate Flying Solar Pods Transportation Via Transit X

Kwaku Yankey, the man behind Transit X appeared on NET 2 TV hosted by Abedi Anim to discuss the proposed Flying solar pods to start operations in Ghana by US-based company Transit X.

Flying solar pods is a privately-funded shared mobility network with the convenience, capacity, and cost to replace buses, trains, cars, trucks, and short flights.

Flying solar pods is Green: 100% solar powered. It’s carbon-free and zero pollution. Solar cells on the track provide the energy to charge pods.

Flying solar pods is Fast: Nonstop travel at 45 mph (72 km/h) along main roads and 150 mph (242 km/h) along highways or railways. It’s no wonder why we say that our pods really fly.

Flying solar pods is 100,000 times safer: compared to roadways. Safety is similar to commercial airlines or existing 100% automated, grade-separated transit (Level 6 Autonomy).

Flying solar pods is  Economical: Transit X is affordable and fares are comparable to conventional mass transit. Private financing is possible in regions with low population density.

In cities around the world, current transportation is in sad shape: commutes are long and stressful, infrastructure is costly to build and maintain, vehicles pollute and emit greenhouse gases, and millions of accidents and thousands of deaths occur every year.

Transit X™ is personal mass transit that solves these problems and provides nonstop, 24/7, wait-free, resilient, all-weather service that is quiet, attractive, safe, and seamlessly fits within cities, beside highways, and along rail corridors.

Pods, each carrying a single passenger or up to a family of five, quietly cruise above traffic under a narrow track. Destinations are entered via smartphone or kiosk prior to boarding. Passengers board pods at stops that are as convenient as taxi or bus stops. A pod takes off and cruises nonstop until landing at the destination.

Transit X is a fully-automated transportation network with high-capacity interchanges and stops that provide fast and wait-free travel. A single track provides the capacity of a 12-lane highway. Installation is fast and minimally disruptive. It has a lower visual impact than vehicles and roadways. Transit X provides door-to-door service for both passengers and freight.

Transit X helps make cities both greener and cleaner. Unsightly black asphalt can be supplanted by an elegant ribbon that unifies a city. Transit X can help a city recover its most valuable resources — land and clean air. Once again, cities can have a vibrant and active street life.

Transit X is offered as a service to municipalities and organizations without public funding or capital budgets. Transit X is a privately owned and operated mobility service that scales to service both the world’s largest cities as well as low-density suburbs.

Ghana To Operate Flying Solar Pods Transportation Via Transit X - cornerpod - Ghana To Operate Flying Solar Pods Transportation Via Transit X

Watch the video below:

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5.7k shares, 7748 points

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