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00:14 - A fun logic riddle about how important it is to think before you say. Will you figure out why Nick seemed to be so suspicious for the police? You will never guess it if you don't have a sense of humor! So what do you think?

01:17 - This striking murder riddle will show if you think like a normal person or like a psychopath😱 If you fail to give the answer then you're probably can be called 'normal'. But if you crack it like a nut, well..I have some bad news for you. No, actually, I mean you must take this short riddle too serious!

02:33 - A short fun logic riddle with a simple answer for you to get a break and relax before solving next difficult riddles.

03:47 - Are you ready to test your survival instinct and try to find the answer to this tough riddle? At first glance, all four ways are leading to death, but an attentive one can find some small hints that will get them out safely. An exciting riddle to give new energy to your brain!

05:10 - Oh, Alice's life on the line! The Red Queen gave her a hard riddle and any mistake will cost her the head. But she obviously knows how to outsmart the Queen! Can you find the answer while the clock is ticking? You should turn on your imagination and really think outside the box to solve this mystery riddle! But no worries if you fail, just sit back and wait for the answer to appread as I did😜

06:58 - A tricky crime riddle that will require all your logic and brain power to solve it! I was really surprised when I saw the answer as it turned out I had missed just one small detail😔 If you solve it without pausing the video, then you must be a genius! If not, this is the riddle with answer, so sit back and wait for the solution to be revealed.

08:08 - Detective, your best friend is in deep need of your help! He got into troubles again! Check all the things you see in front of you, turn on your logic and try to solve this logic puzzle to save your dear friend! This popular riddle on escape is quite easy, but it drives people insane! Is your brain a match for this tricky riddle?

09:36 - This strange case could almost be considered an accident except for one small detail. Would you be able to find it? A mysterious crime riddle with answer that will make you scratch your brain! If you fail to figure out what's wrong, just sit back and pretend you already know the answer (I always do this😜)

10:52 - Well, Sherlock, rush to the scene of the crime; we can't do without your brilliant mind and impossible deduction skills! A man was killed in the bath and the weapon just disappeared as if it had vanished into thin air. How is this even possible? If you can't solve this case, no one else will do it!

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1.7k shares, 7751 points



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