What to Do If Your Phone Falls In Water?

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How to Save a Wet Cell Phone. Things happen, and sometime your favorite smartphone might find itself in water. What should you do if you dropped your phone in a sink, a bowl, or forgot to take it out of your pocket and jumped into water? Water is your phone’s worst enemy, capable of wiping out all your pictures and stored data. Fortunately, there are simple things and easy tips that’ll cost you no money you can do to try to save your phone.

Take it out of the liquid immediately. 0:48
Turn it off. 1:42
Remove the battery. 2:10
Remove the SIM card, memory card, and all peripherals. 3:01
Dry the phone with a cloth or microfiber towel. 4:02
Don’t use an oven, microwave, or hair dryer. 4:26
Gently shake your phone dry. 5:06
Put the phone in a vacuum bag. 5:32
Put it in a bowl of rice or another absorbent material. 5:59
Clean the phone with rubbing alcohol. 7:07
Store your phone in a safe, dry place. 7:48
Wait. 8:14
While you’re waiting, check your warranty. 9:00
Turn it on, and cross your fingers. 9:30

-The more exposure your phone has to the water, the more water will get inside the case and damage the internal components.
-If the power stays on, the phone runs the risk of short-circuiting, which will cause more damage to the mechanisms inside.
-If you can take the battery out, do it immediately. Removing the energy supply will help prevent the phone from being fried.
-Remove all the covers and plugs that cover the charging port, headphone port, or any gap or slot in the phone. These can trap moisture inside the phone or be damaged themselves.
-Avoid using paper as particles can come loose and clog up the ports of the phone.
-The heat produced by a hair dryer can cause significant damage to the internal components of your phone, and vaporizing the moisture inside the phone can just spread it further.
-Shaking your phone can get rid of a lot of those pesky droplets of moisture stuck inside the phone.
-Put the phone in a plastic bag, and suck out the air with a vacuum cleaner or shop vac.
-Uncooked rice is naturally absorbent, and water can flow right out of a phone and into the rice. Put the phone and all its parts in a bowl or jar of rice, and leave it there for at least 48 hours.
-Try submerging your phone in circuit-safe cleaner or pure grain alcohol, which will absorb the moisture, clean any impurities, and ultimately evaporate without leaving a conductive residue.
-Don’t keep the phone in a jar of rice next to the sink or washing machine, for instance, where accidents can happen.
-It is very, very important to give your phone at least 2 days to dry.
-It’s possible that you have your warranty through a third party vendor, such as Asurion or SquareTrade. They might cover accidental spills or submersion.
-Once you’re sure your phone is dry, you can plug it back in and try to turn it on. If it powers up, you’re in business.

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1.4k shares, 7725 points

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